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Thailand’s Phuket province is rich with history, scenery, and destinations. What was once a fruitful spot along colonialist trade routes has since become an even more thriving environment for today’s most adventurous tourists.The province hosts more than thirty different islands, but the most notable (and largest) among them is the island of Phuket.


It stretches approximately 30 miles north to south and 13 miles east to west, and yet it is home to more than half a million inhabitants. If you’re looking for locals and other tourists, you’ll likely find them sunbathing, partying, or shopping along the Patong Beach to the west. Other beaches worth visiting are Kata Beach and Karon’s Beach, both of which have been known to host lively games of volleyball and other sports.

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The centrality of Phuket makes it the ideal spot to begin your journey, as there is no wrong direction that you can take in your travels. Northwest of the beach are the lovely Similan Islands, whereas to the southeast is the Krabi province—home to the lush archipelago of Phi Phi. Wherever you choose to go, you will find that the departure points with the most ease of access are Chalong Pier (central) and Ao Po (northeast).

As you traverse the peaceful waters of Phuket, you will quickly find that diving and snorkeling opportunities abound. Coral Island, Koh Yai Noi, Koh Lone, and Koh Kai Nog are all perfect locations to snorkel, sail, and sightsee. Whether you are looking to catch fish or swim in their vibrant midst, you can easily do so at Koh Maiton, Koh Khai Nok, or even some of the islands mentioned previously (such as Coral Island). Basking in the glow of a sunset on the beach is sure to make for a wonderful memory, too, and this is a feature among nearly all of the islands mentioned here. Thus, if you’re looking to shop, fish, dive, or relax, Phuket and its surrounding islands absolutely cannot disappoint.

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