Full Moon Festival

Just as you can expect a full moon every month, so too can you expect a Full Moon Party every month on Thailand’s Koh Phangan. The island is best-known for this event, so you can also be assured that it is worth attending (and if it weren’t a success, they probably would not hold it on a monthly basis!). An estimated ten- to thirty-thousand people enjoy a lamp-lit evening under a yellowed, full moon. In celebration of the beautiful event, there is a wide variety of music to be enjoyed—not to mention a whole lot of dancing to follow suit. Music and dance are just the beginning, too: according to the party’s own website, there are “Jugglers, fire-eaters,” and even fireworks. Food and drinks are in abundance, and there is more than enough time to enjoy the beach, go for a swim, and then return to the festivities. Koh Phangan is slightly out of the way from Phuket, but there are travel options like flight (which are available daily) and boat/bus. For more information about travel options, the full moon schedule, and more, visit the Full Moon Party’s own websitehere!