Illuzion Night Club

A Phuket trip is not complete without a visit to Illuzion!

Illuzion says it best: “A Phuket trip is not complete without a visit to Illuzion!” Seeing their rise from to the #33 spot in the world for live music venues, they have good reason to boast. Illuzion is frequented by the likes of such musicians as Steve Aoki, Danny Avila, Jason Derulo, Tyga, and more. This is the nightclub to visit in not only Phuket but indeed all of southeast Asia. The club is available for privately booked events and, as mentioned above, regularly hosts giants of electronic dance music, hip-hop, and other genres. And the music is just the beginning: the LED visuals match the sound system itself in terms of quality, and naturally you can expect great service, great drinks, and overall great times. Illuzion regularly keeps their events up to date, so it is best to check their

to see what’s coming up. While there, you can also get more details on private events and even view their gallery of past events!