WhiteRoom NightClub

For one of the classiest and most exciting nocturnal events in Phuket, you won’t want to miss out on the White Room Nightclub. The club does not demand an entry fee, but it can turn you away if you show up unprepared—in other words, dress for the occasion. Make no mistake, though: this is not a snobby club for older folks; it is packed with young partygoers, great music, and good vibes all around. The nightclub earns its name from the paint on the walls, and while a white finish on all the walls might not sound too exciting, you’ll just have to wait until they start the lightshow. You would hardly know the walls were white! The club can fit up to 600 people, and its music will be sure to accommodate nearly anyone’s tastes; this last point distinguishes the club from others, because it does not focus on one single music genre. That kind of versatility can be found at the bar, too, since the club offers anything from beer to champagne. The White Room Nightclub is located very close to Patong Beach, where you can also enjoy a vibrant night life and, more than likely, an enjoyable swim. Since the nightclub opens its doors at 10:00 PM, you might even consider splitting the whole evening between the beach and the nightclub! As with so many of Phuket’s greatest offerings, the White Room Nightclub has its ownwebsite. There you can learn more about the venue, make any bookings ahead of time, and see what sorts of VIP services they have to offer.